Things You Need to Do Before Publish Blog Post

What to do before publishing a post on my website? This question may have come in the mind of all new bloggers. The biggest mistake that all new bloggers and content marketers often make is that after posting a new blog, they think that their responsibility ends there but this is not true at all. The truth is that only after that the real work starts.

When you write an article, you get very excited about your article will have the whole world. But what to do now? Here you should think that the actions after this determine the success of your blog. There are many things that you can do before pressing the Publish button so that your blog will get maximum traffic.

So today we want to tell you something about this, which you should use before having a blog post. we are going to share some tricks about this, which you can use in your blogs. Yes, along with this you can also add your idea so that your success will increase more. In this context, we are going to tell you some hacking tricks, which you will use immediately after publishing a blog post, then you will be very beneficial.

  1. Read carefully again: When you have written an article completely, then you should read it carefully again. Or if possible, you should give it to someone who can catch your mistake, it may be your friend or a colleague. This is because when we write something, our mind moves faster. Which may have caused some things to be missed from us. Your friends can definitely show that thing where that connection is being missed. So our opinion is that you must invest some time in reading that post again.
  2. Make a good Title: The Title is seen before reading any blog post is that the more attractive and catchy it is, the more visitors will be eager to read it. This is why your blog post title should always be made clickable. A survey has found that 4 out of every 5 visitors fall on your headline first and then only 1 visitor out of them reads your article. And if your title is not attractive then the conversion rate will go down.
  3. Check Grammar and Spelling: If you have finished writing your article and you are going to press the publish button. Then always remember that always keep your article spelling and Grammar free. If you have an editor then it is a good thing, otherwise, you can also use a good tool. Like Grammarly, by which you can edit your article very quickly and easily.
  4. Use Images: It has been found from the statistical proof that posts that contain images have more views and shares. Because images attract the attention of Audience, so that the chances of your page views doubling are very high. So before publishing a post, never forget to put some attractive images in it. This will keep the attention of your readers even to the fullest.
  5. Internal Linking Your Old Post with New Post: Many bloggers link their old Blog posts with their new Blog posts. But have you ever thought that if we do the opposite, then what will be the result? Like, a lot of traffic already comes in our old blog post and if we link it with our new blog post then our blog post will get a good boost. Apart from this, our post interlinking will also increase, which is very good for both our Website Structure and Build Authority.
  6. Publish Post at a suitable time: Time is a very important factor to rank any good post. Because it makes a lot of difference. First of all, we should analyze thoroughly that during which time your blog has maximum traffic, we should post our article only on the basis of that. This will also make a big difference in traffic.

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