Things You Need to Do After Publish Blog Post

What to do after publishing a post on my website? This question may have come in the mind of all new bloggers. The biggest mistake that all new bloggers and content marketers often make is that after posting a new blog, they think that their responsibility ends there but this is not true at all. The truth is that only after that the real work starts.

When you write an article, you get very excited about your article will have the whole world. But what to do now? Here you should think that the actions after this determine the success of your blog. There are many things that you can do after pressing the Publish button so that your blog will get maximum traffic.

After publishing a blog post, your work is not finished. To bring your post to the top, you also have to do hard work

  1. Miniaturizing URL: As we know that the URL of any blog post is very large and I do not like to share such a large URL in social media. Because it seems unprofessional. That is why we should shorten these URLs by using some online websites or tools so that we can easily share them. Along with this, their click rate also increases if we do the Miniaturizing of these URLs.
  2. Submit Directories: If your post does not have in some well-known directories, then probably you will not increase much traffic. But this is perfectly right for your blog as it will notice Search Engines to your blog. Due to which all the posts of your blog which were not yet indexed, for some reason they will now be indexed well and the visibility of your blog will increase to a great extent.
  3. Share on Social Media: It should be a habit of us that as soon as we post our blog, we must share its links on social channels. By doing this, people get to know about your post and they come to visit it. There is another benefit from this if any of your Visitors likes your post, then he himself will share your post further. So that your blog will get good publicity. And it will be ranked at the top in Google Page.
  4. Give Reply to comments: It happens very often with all bloggers that after paying a new blog post, they do not pay more attention to it, because it happens that the visitors who comment in that post or ask any question, then they do not get the answer to their question. So that their confidence rises above that blogger. For this reason, Blogger has to wash his Loyal Visitor. Therefore, you should reply to the comment that came in your blog post more quickly. This keeps the trust of the visitors on you, which is very important.
  5. Check Blog Analytics Regularly: Be sure to check your Blog Analytics because by doing this you will have a good understanding of your blog and along with it, your visitors will have knowledge about the choice. This is because every blogger should have good knowledge about their visitors, this will improve their post. By this, you will know that visitors are liking your top topic, their interest is less. In such a situation, you should concentrate more in the same category, which is being liked more by the people. This will also increase Blog Traffic.

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