How to Make a WordPress Website

Whenever you search for something online, webpages are opened in front of you, on which there is some text, images, and videos. We call this collection of similar webpages as a Website.

In simple language, the website is a collection of many web pages or in other words, a website is a place where there is a collection of thousands of web pages. For example, as you are reading this web page, Lot of webpages are present on our website, which has some information. Many types of tasks are done through the website and their use is usually dedicated to a particular subject or purpose. According to Wikipedia, a website can be a personal website, a business website, a government website, an organization’s website, etc. Through which information can be exchanged. It can also be used to provide entertainment, news, and education.

So far we have come to know what a website is, so let’s start then how can we make this website now. As we have already told you that creating a website is not a difficult task, you too can prepare a website of your own in just 10-15 minutes.

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Until now we had ordered hosting and domain from any hosting company . Now in this step, we will learn how to set up WordPress on our hosting platform.

Installing WordPress is quite easy, just like when you download an app from the Play Store. Also, the hosting that we have taken makes the installation of WordPress even easier as it will not take you 2 minutes on this hosting.

Install WordPress: After purchasing the hosting, it will ask you to choose the password for your hosting. Setting a strong password is necessary to protect your website and web hosting from hackers. So choose a strong password for your account. Once you set the password, it will send you to the main dashboard from where you can install WordPress. On that page, it asks you to choose a WordPress template for your website (you can choose any template here right now.

After choosing a WordPress template, click the blue “Start Building” button to begin the process of setting up WordPress.

Now it will send you to the WordPress dashboard and there you will now see the message. Now our WordPress install is complete. Click on the blue “Personal” button on the screen here (Welcome to WordPress), you will now be sent to the WordPress Launch page.

Click on the “Launch” button to make your blog live now. Now it will ask you the name and Tagline of your website. You can keep any name of your website from here.

Now we have set up WordPress correctly. Now you can log in to your WordPress dashboard very easily by clicking on the “Log in to WordPress” button.

Things to Remember: Some important things about WordPress that you have to remember:

  • WordPress Admin Dashboard: (here you will enter your domain name instead of “” as for example,
  • Login Username: Whatever you kept at the time of WordPress install.
  • Login Password: Whatever you kept at the time of WordPress install.

Install Theme/Template: Just as you install various templates in your smartphone to change the overall look and design of your phone and to enhance its features, you also install some apps from the Play Store and iOS marketplace, in the same way, you can change the template in your WordPress and You can enhance the design and features of your website by installing the plugin.

There are thousands of Themes and Plugins available on WordPress and you will get many themes for free. So you have to change the overall design of your website and to change the design of your website, you will have to add another theme, which you can take for free from the WordPress store or you can also buy a premium theme from a marketplace.

So to install Theme, first of all, we have to log in to our WordPress Dashboard.

After successfully logging into your account, go to “Apperance> Themes”.

Here you will find some WordPress themes already inserted. To add a new theme to your blog, click on the “Add New” button at the top.

After clicking on the “Add New” button, you will be sent to the “WordPress Theme Marketplace”, from where you can use any free WordPress Theme and add it to your website very comfortably.

If you have already purchased a premium theme and want to install it, you can also click on the “Upload Theme” button above to upload that theme.

After installing the WordPress theme, you will now get an ‘Activate’ button, you can automate these themes on your website by clicking on this button. Once your theme is automated, you can design your theme very easily by going to “Appearance> Customise.

Install Plugin: The way to install WordPress Plugin is similar to installing Theme. You can also plugin as you installed the WordPress Theme above.

To install the plugin, go to “Dashboard> Plugins> Add New” and from here you can easily install and use any of the given plugins from the given list.

Pages: Although you can create as many pages as you want in WordPress, basically there are some pages that are very important to create. This page is as follows; About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms & Conditions

To create all these pages on your website, go to “Pages> Add New” on the left side of the WordPress Dashboard, where you will find a “WordPress Editor”.

Posts: To write a blog post, click Post> Add New in your WordPress dashboard. After clicking on Add New Post option, a WordPress Editor will open. Don’t be afraid to see its editor, it is as easy.

Category: Now further on the side of the WordPress editor, you will see “Categories”,where already given “Categories” will appear and you can also create your own new categories. This is a very easy task.

Media: You can use the “Add Media” option to add images and videos to your post and on “Enter Post Title” you have to give the title for your blog post.

Hope this article will help you to build a WordPress Website.

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