How to add new users on WordPress website

If you are a WordPress user, and if you are the only person working on your site. Now if you want to add another person to contribute to your site, you can do it by adding a new user on your WordPress website. When you add a new user you can give that user access to a specific part of your site.

To add a new user

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Then go to users and click add new
  • Now you have to enter the details of your new user like user name, email, name, etc.
  • Once you have entered the details, just click show password to generate the password. If you want to change the password just delete that default password and type a new password.
  • Once you have entered the details,you have to select the role.

Role: WordPress has a different type of role-

Administrator role in case of the single site which has access to all admin capabilities.

In the case of multisite Super Admin has all those capabilities.

Editor can review and publish contributor’s posts.

Editors can:

  • Create and edit posts, pages, and other content types
  • Edit, publish and delete content created by other users
  • Manage categories, links, and comments

Author can publish only their own posts.

Contributor can write posts without having the right to publish them (as mentioned above, the editor can publish contributor’s posts).

Subscriber is only allowed to leave comments and edit their profile. The subscribers are the lowest ranking in the user’s role in WordPress.

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