How to create a new Gmail account?

Email is that part of the Internet world without email no online work can be done. If you Want to fill government form or buy online products. So you are going to need a Gmail id. Because it has become common practice to use Email id in all these works.

What is an Email ID?

The full form of email is “Electronic Mail”. With the help of Email, you can send your message to any person in the world in a moment. However, today WhatsApp and Facebook are there to send messages. But email is still considered safe. If we talk about the earlier era, then there used to be a letter at that time. Which people also know by the name of the letter. When we had a friend who was far away from us. In order to reach him, he used to write letters and send them by post.

But after the arrival of the Internet, all these tasks are done immediately. And now you can reach anyone in the world in a few seconds. You can use websites like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail to create email id. But in today’s time, the most popular is Google’s Gmail.

How to create a new Gmail account?

Creating a new Gmail account on Gmail is very easy. But to create an ID, it is necessary to have a mobile number. If you have a mobile number So first of all open any Internet Browser in your Computer or Mobile.

As soon as you click on Create New Account, a form will open in front. Here you have to fill your name, password and email address.

Email address must be unique i.e, email address that has not been used by anyone in the whole world.

According to the screenshot, fill in your name, email id, password and check it. Then click on Next Button.

As soon as you click on Next Button, the option to Verify Mobile Number will appear in front of you.

After that, a separate pop up window will open. In which the message of Privacy and Terms will appear, go down and click on Agree Button. Click Continue to Gmail.

Congratulations! Your email id is ready. Now you can use it.

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