How to Create a Facebook Group?

Nowadays Facebook fans on Social Media are increasing day by day. Some people are creating their own group on Facebook and others are creating a page. Nowadays everyone from children to the elderly uses Facebook. In today’s time, having a profile on Facebook has become a common practice. Creating a group on Facebook is not a difficult task. Groups can be formed in every platform of social media. For example, groups can be created on Instagram, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. In this post, we will explain how the group is created on Facebook.

How to create a Facebook group?

You have to open your Facebook profile. After opening the profile, there are three lines on the top right side of the page, clicking on it will open a new page. On this page, you will see many options. One of these options will appear to create a new group. Click on this group option. After clicking on this option, you will see groups that are already associated with those groups. If you are not added to any group then it will not be visible.

In the left sidebar, a new option will appear in the name of create group, click on it. After that a new page will open. In this page you have to write the name of your group at the top which you want to put. Here you can select the profile photo for your group by clicking on the camera option. Below you will see the list of your friends, you have to select the friends whom you want to add to your group. After selecting friends, click on create. Now your group is ready.

After forming a group, you can customize its setting in its own way. you can also change the profile and cover photo. You can add your new friends. Even if you want to remove someone from your group, you can remove it. In this way, you can chat with your friends in the group and share photos, videos, like WhatsApp. You can add many people as you want to the Facebook group.

We see that there are many groups on Facebook. If you also want to join this group, then you have to open the group you want to join. After joining the group, an option to add to the group will appear. Click on this option. After clicking, your request will go to the Admin of that group. Admin will accept your request and you will become a member of that group otherwise not. In this way, you can join countless Groups by searching on Facebook.

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