How to Make a Facebook Page ?

We all know that Facebook is the most popular social media and millions of people use Facebook.Facebook also plays an important role in promoting your business. With which you can easily promote your blog, business, website or YouTube channel and by doing so many people can know about your product. There are two ways to do any work, the first is the simple way in which you can share your blog post or videos on your Facebook account. Through which your friends get information about it. Now talk about other ways, this is the professional way in which you can create a page in the name of your Blog / YouTube Channel and increase the popularity of your brand.

To create Facebook Page, you have to follow these steps given below –

Login: First of all you have to visit Facebook website and log in your Facebook account through your Email Id/Mobile Number and Password.

Click on Create a Page: You get the option of Create a Page in two places-

Left Sidebar: If you look in the Left Sidebar on Facebook, you get a feature of Create where you get many options and at the same time you get an option of Page.

Options Icon: This Icon is shown on your account near your profile, on which you get different options after clicking on it, like settings etc. in those options you also get an option of “Create Page”.

You can click on any one of the given page options in these two places. Both these options are for creating New Page.

Select Page Type: Now a page opens on your screen like the image given above and in this page, you have to select one option according to your page type. You can choose any option in all these options, it depends on your Facebook Page Type which page you want to create.

Fill Basic Details: To create a page, first of all you have to select the category as you can see in the image above, we have selected the website category.

Second, you have to give a name for your page, which you can give according to your wish.Now after selecting these basic things, you have to click on the button “Get Started” so that you can complete the further process.

Upload Profile Photo: As you upload photo on your Facebook account, you can upload a Profile Photo for your page as well.Upload the logo of your website only because doing so increases the brand awareness of your website. Now, if you do not have the logo in the Present Time, you can also skip this option and upload a Profile Photo on your Facebook page later.

Upload Cover Photo: Cover Photo is very important for any type of Facebook page because it helps you to describe your topic better. So you create a Creative and Attractive Cover Photo for your page which is related to your topic and upload that photo. On the Internet, you also get different Facebook Cover Photos which you can use on your Facebook page.

Add Button: Another good benefit of Facebook Page is that you can also add Button to your page. With which you can add your URL to that button and direct traffic divert. In addition, you can also add Message Button so that people can direct message to you.

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