What is Google Pay?

There are various types of UPI payment systems available in India. By using which you can transfer money from one account to another. UPI payment companies like Paytm, Phone Pay are working in India. Along with these companies, Google has also launched its Google Pay app. Using which you can receive and transfer money. The Google Pay App system has good features from other companies. With which you can transfer money without sharing personal information and bank account details. Not only this, but you can also earn extra income from it. And also you can do online transactions very easily.

Google Tez App is a payment app that works on UPI Payment. With the help of which you can buy online or make any type of payment. The Google Pay (Tez) system is much faster than other apps. In this app, along with the features of all the earlier apps in India, some extra features have also been given. This is the first such app from India. In which the sharing of the UPI service has been given. The Google Pay app is a hybrid online payment app combining all the features of the Paytm Wallet app on other payments. In which, by adding more and more people, you are given an opportunity to earn.

How does Google Pay work?

Google Pay App is just like any other online UPI payment app. It follows the UPI system. Transferring money from UPI is very easy and secure. Today almost all banks in India are supporting UPI payment. To pay with UPI, you need UPI number and PIN. You can transfer money only by mobile number. Additionally, you can transfer money along with QR code and fast mode. Like the Bhim app launched by the Government of India, the Google Pay app also works quite well.

What can you do with Google Pay app?

Google Pay App has a number of advanced features. These features are not available in other payments app. With this help, you can directly transfer and receive money in your bank. This payment app is not a wallet payment app. Rather, it is directly linked to your bank account. You can also earn up to ₹ 9000 from this payment app. In this app, you are also given rewards offers. Also, you can get a reward of Rs 51 by referring to any of your friends. As soon as your friend first transacts. So both you and your friend get 51 rupees.

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