How to Republish Old Post on your website in Present Date

Through blogging, you share your knowledge with people. As a blogger, it is your duty to always share the updated content. If the information given by you is old, then visitors do not come to your blog again. That’s why always share the same information that is going on today. Sometimes your old post has to be changed according to today. With this, your visitors get new and fresh knowledge and along with this Google also brings the same post up in the search ranking. The more updated post, the more people will like.

Suppose you have shared some links in one of your posts and that link has expired. So for this, you have to give another link instead of the link which works. Sometimes users also request this. You will update that link comfortably, but if that post is old then it will not appear on the first page. If you update any post, it should always be shown on the first page, this will give visitors new content and old visitors will know that they have made some changes in it.

Google’s Blogger platform is the best for new bloggers. But if you are completely new, then you need to know how to republish the old post on the present date.

  • First of all, go to and go to the Posts section. Here all your published content will appear.
  • Click on the edit link below the post you want to update.
  • After making the changes that you have to click on the Published on the tab in the post settings of the right-side.
  • Here you will see 2 options. Click on Automatic option and press the Done button.
  • Now all you have to do is click on the Update button. Done your post update.

In this way, you can always give updated content to your users. It is a good thing that you always keep updating your blog content. This will help to boost traffic to your post.

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